Best Pizza in Austin

Why is an Austin realtor writing about pizza? Because this is Austin and we are just as much concerned about tacos and pizza as we are the next tech start-up. So, lets talk pizza and where to find it. 

Toss & Homeslice

You just moved here from New York and you don't think you'll ever have solid, New York style pizza again? Wrong! Austin is chock full of Wall Street guys who once thought the same thing. Homeslice Pizza in SoCo has legit New York style pizza and the garlic knots are even btter. However, my personal favorite is Toss Pizza on S. 1st. The '04 now has the best pizza places AND the best housing market!

Via 313

Its Sunday and you were out all night Saturday on 6th and/or Rainey drinking massive moscow mules with a bachelorette party from Denver. Get yourself to Via 313 for the Cadillac, its signature pizza, or my personal favorite, The Hawaiian! Deep dish, Detroit style pizza, with locations behind Bufords for the downtown high-rise crew, off Guadalupe St. in Hyde Park, off Rainey Street right across from 70 Rainey or in Oak Hill for all you southies. New to Austin, Oak Hill is located at the Y, the converge of two main highways. This is a great spot for growing families. Reach out to find out why!

Pinthouse Pizza

When I heard there was a restaurant in Austin putting local honey on its pizza I beelined to find out what that tasted like (pun intended). There are so many grwat options of woodfired pizza here, but I love the honey in the crust or atop the pizza. Add in the fact there's umpteen different choices of beers on tap and I totally get why Pinthouse Pizza is a favorite for central Austin foodies. There's one off Burnet Rd, which is now a hub for food lovers. This part of Austin is perfect if you and a partner work in opposite parts of the city, or if you've chosen a place to love based on alternative education options. Central Austin can't be beat for families!

I know Austin inside out and would love to help you navigate the city, narrow down your home search and find the hood and the home that meet your family's unique needs. I've got you! Reach out 512-680-1671, [email protected]


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